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Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS)

Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) Data Sets

The lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) is a space-based lightning sensor aboard the EOS TRMM satellite. The LIS instrument records the time of occurrence of a lightning event, measures the radiant energy and estimates the location during both day and night conditions with high detection efficiency.

Documentation Documentation
LIS Instrument Overview
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) Data Set Guide
LIS/OTD Software
HyDRO Download LIS HDF Data using HyDRO
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) Science Data
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) Backgrounds
Orbital maneuvers
Maneuver times - complete history
Orbit predictions for the next 6 days
LIS Browse LIS Browse Images
Quality Controlled Browse
Recent Non-Quality Controlled Browse
LIS Monthly/Seasonal Browse
LIS Space Time Domain Search LIS Space Time Domain Search
The LIS Space Time Domain Search tool provides a "point and click" method to quickly perform a space time domain search of LIS science products. The search results list the granule names that contain lightning in the selected area of interest. It also provides the total count of lightning detected in the area of interest for each granule. LIS science products from January 1998 to present are available.
LIS Data Processing Anomalies LIS Data Processing Anomalies
The LIS Data Processing Anomalies page lists anomalous data receipt and processing conditions for the Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS).

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