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Global Lightning Image
Global Lightning Image
Global lightning strikes from January 1998 to present day from the NASA/MSFC Lightning Imaging Sensor

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Quality Controlled LIS Browse Images

Lightning Imaging Sensor data is processed daily. The browse products are PNG images showing a graphical representation of the LIS orbit data for each day. Quality Control steps are taken on daily files and are released one month at a time. The QC steps produce some delay in the release of the data.

LIS data integrity after the 7 August 2001 TRMM orbit boost has not yet been verified. Users will be notified when this verification occurs, and the TRMM/LIS orbit product versions will change to v4.1. Verification will consist of certifying that the LIS v4 production software does not contain any algorithms or parameters contingent upon the original TRMM orbit altitude. Validation (a separate issue) of post-boost LIS data quality and calibration is a longer-term process. Users interested in validation results on post-boost performance should contact the LIS Science Team.

To see small preview images for one month of LIS browse products, select the [Thumbnails] option corresponding to the month and year you want. If you have a slow connection or already know which day or days you want, and do not want the preview images, select the [text] option instead, and you will get a text-only calendar for that month.

You may now further investigate the data through the browse images. Click on a location to see a zoomed view of that region. Or you may choose to look at a particular orbit.

To see data from the most recent month(s), go to the LIS Non-Quality Controlled data page.

Here is an explanation of the daily browse images.

For annual, seasonal, and monthly composite lightning distributions of QC data, click here.





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